How to Install Scalding 2.10.2 on Ubuntu 12.04 with Hadoop 1.2.1

1. Download Scalding from repo on GitHub:

$ git clone git://

it will create a local folder called scalding

2. cd scalding
3. export SCALDING_HOME=`pwd` # /home/hduser/scalding (optional?)

4. Install [sbt 0.12.2](<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) (sorry, but the assembly plugin is sbt version dependent).
5“`sbt update“` (takes 2 minutes or more)
6. “`sbt test“

7. open project/Build.Scala – change

scalaVersion := “2.10.2″, from scalaVersion := “2.9.3″

8“`sbt assembly“` (needed to make the jar used by the scald.rb script)

9. rename target scala-core/target/scala-2.10 folder to scala-2.10.2

mv ../scalding-core/target/scala-2.10/ ../scalding-core/target/scala-2.10.2 scald.rb and change

"localmem" =&gt; "1g"

In case your VM fails to start

11. Run tutorial , include –scalaversion

./scripts/scald.rb –local –scalaversion=2.10.2 tutorial/Tutorial1.scala
General run command syntax:

./path/to/scald.rb --local --scalaversion=2.10.2 somefile.scala --input ~/input.txt --output ~/output.txt

./scalding/scripts/scald.rb --local --scalaversion=2.10.2 WordCountJob.scala --input ~/mary.txt --output ~/mary_wordcount.txt

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