Virtual Box Configurations for Windows XP Guest OS, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Host OS.

– File sharing with the VirtualBox Guest OS (Windows Guest, Ubuntu Host)

1. Create shared folder /home/<user name>/shared
2. From Virtual Box settings include the folder from the shared folder option
3. Download VBoxGuestAddition.iso [It has to be the same version as the VirtualBox app] Dowload from :
4. Insert the iso as a virtual CD from Virtual Box settings storage section
5. Access the CD from Windows guest OS.
6. Install Guest addition in Windows
7. Reboot
8. Access the shared folder from My Network Places

– Enable USB detection in Virtual Box OS

1. Download extension pack of the same version of the Virtual Box Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.2.16-86992.vbox-extpack
double-click it to run by VB and install.
2. Add your user to vboxusers group and log out and log in.
# usermod -a -G <group-name> <user-name>
3. From settings add usb filter by selecting the appropriate usb


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