Increase your VirtualBox Hard Disk Size

Steps to Increase your VirtualBox Hard Disk Size

cd into the directory where your virtual drive is found (usually ~/VirtualBox VMs/{Your VirtualBox PC name})

    cd ~/VirtualBox VMs/WinXP_SP3

run the modify hd function with the new size (in MB) I choose 25GB (25 * 1024mb = 25600MB)

    VBoxManage modifyhd WinXP_SP3.vdi --resize 25600

VirtualBox will resize your hard drive and you will see the following output from the system indicating that the process is complete


Now start up your Virtual Windows Machine. Right Click on ‘My Computer’ (‘Computer’ in newer versions) and choose Manage.

Click on the Disk Management option on the left panel. You will notice some black space next to your C drive (this means the space addition was successful.)

Right Click on the C drive and choose Extend Volume. Follow the wizard and you have successfully increased the size of your VirtualBox disk. Or, if that option is not available use a third party partition making software like Partition Magic or create a second primary partition.


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