Compiling congealReal: Unsupervised joint alignment of complex images

The c++ code provided for the project ‘Unsupervised joint alignment of complex images’ at is very useful application for unsupervised image alignment. But the Makefile is now outdated, but we can fix it by modifying it as following,

IFLAGS = `pkg-config --cflags opencv` -O3
LFLAGS = `pkg-config opencv --libs`

all: congealReal funnelReal

rm congealReal funnelReal

congealReal: congealReal.cpp
g++ $(IFLAGS) -o congealReal congealReal.cpp $(LFLAGS)

funnelReal: funnelReal.cpp
g++ $(IFLAGS) -o funnelReal funnelReal.cpp $(LFLAGS)


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