Classifying Grayscale Images using Pycaffe

If you have trained a model with 1-dimensional gray image, and want to classify another gray image, the following is the hack worked for me:

  1. copy the offical in $CAFFE_ROOT/python/
  2. specify input_dim as 1, 1, x, x in deploy.prototxt
  3. change all call to in to, False) because if you do not specify the second parameter as False, True will be used by default, the meaning of the second parameter is to tell load_image whether the image is color or gray, if it’s in color, then the returned image will have shape (width, height, 3) or (width, height, 4) depending on whether the alpha channel exists. If you specify False, the shape will be (width, height, 1) as you want.
  4. specify –channel_swap ‘0’ in python because this value is to reorder RGB to BGR, let’s say we have an image im, im is in numpy array format, and im.shape = (10, 10, 3), then caffe will do im = im[:, :, channel_wap] to swap channels, if you do not specify --channel_swap, it will be "2,1,0" by default, then in caffe, im = im[:, :, [2, 1, 0]], but the gray image’s shape is really (10, 10, 1) (if you follow the 2 step), so an index out of bounds exception will be raised. So just specify ‘0’ to --channel_swap, then caffe will run im = im[:, :, [0]], that’s fine.

then just use the official

Here is the gist of and worked for me.

Hope it will work for you too.


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