Git tip: How to write a multiline commit message

Using git from the command line with bash you can do the following:

git commit -m "this is
> a line
> with new lines
> maybe"

Simply type and press Enter when you want a new line, the “>” symbol means that you have pressed Enter and there is a new line.

Git Tips: How to merge your branch with master

1. create branch (git checkout -b <branch name> )work on your branch. push it to your branch (git push origin <branch name>)
2. git pull origin master
3. resolve conflicts by checking the list of conflict files. The differences are showed like this –
<<<< HEAD
your code
others code
4. commit changes to your branch
5. git checkout master (change to master branch locally)
6. git merge <your-branch> (merge with master locally)
7. git add . | git commit -m "merging master with <your-branch>| git push origin master